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  • Bread & Butter
  • Zeytinyağlı
    Sakız Artichoke, Sorrel
  • Dried Beef
    Beef Sirloin, Rock Samphire, Pickled Artichoke Stem, Radish, İsot Chili,Lıme Vinegar, Truffle
  • Octopus
    Sarose Octopus, Purslane, Almond, Fish Roe, Pickled Green Bean, Cheery Vinegar
  • Grilled Sea Bass
    Broad Bean, Calamari, Capers, Halhali Olives, Fig Vinegar
  • Braised Lamb
    Walnut Paste, Wild Cabbage, Sumac Sour, Salted Yoghurt, Cumin
  • Buffalo Yoghurt
    Apple Molasses, Mint, Walnut Crumbs, Strawberry Sorbet

  • Vegan Tasting is available.

  • Tasting Menu 2200.- TL
    6 Glasses of Matching Wine (Option 1) 1450.- TL
    6 Glasses of Matching Wine (Option 2) 2200.- TL

  • For your optimum enjoyment and the smooth rythm of the Kitchen and Service teams, the tasting menu are for complete tables only.

  • Prices are in TL; V.A.T. is included. A %12 gratuity will be added to the total bill.