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  • Bread & Butter
  • Zeytinyağlı
    Olive Oil Braised Artichoke, Sorrel
  • Octopus
    Olive Oil Braised Kohlrabi & Turmeric, Pickled Green Tomato
  • Dried Beef
    Tenderloin, Olive Oil Braised Cauliflower, Mint Oil, Pickled Pepper, İsot Chili
  • Sea Bass
    Karnıkırmızı Bean, Capers, Halhali Olives, Chives, Fig Vinegar
  • Braised Lamb
    Walnut Paste, Firik Bulghur, Salted Yoghurt
  • Black Mulberry
    Tahini Chickpea Ice Cream, Hemp Seeds

  • Tasting Menu 550.- TL
    5 Glasses of Matching Beverages 320.- TL

  • For your optimum enjoyment and the smooth rythm of the Kitchen and Service teams, the tasting menu are for complete tables only.

  • Prices are in TL; V.A.T. is included, Service is not included.